DIRECTOR Hirokazu Kore'eda
SCRIPT Hirokazu Kore'eda

Osamu and his family live in poverty in Tokyo. Trying to make ends meet, he and his son shoplift. They live in a humble abode on the periphery, forming with the other members of the household a weird clan of petty criminals. One day, Osamu discovers a little homeless girl, playing alone in frost weather on a balcony. After taking her home, he informally adopts the abandoned child. Osamu’s deed results in revealing the mystery within the shoplifters’ clan and casts doubt on the traditional notion of family. Kore-eda’s Shoplifters is a sensitive, multi-layered, refined drama about unconditional love and the dignity of the poor.

Actors: Kirin Kiki, Sósuke Ikemacu, Lily Franky, Moemi Katajama, Sakura Andó, Maju Macuoka, Kengo Kóra, Akira Emoto, Čizuru Ikewaki, Jóko Moriguči, Naoto Ogata, Júki Jamada
Japonsko, 2018, 121 min.,
JAP, Sub. CZ, EN

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