Operation Libertad

Operation Libertad

DIRECTOR Nicolas Wadimoff
SCRIPT Jacob Berger

They are four young men and four young women, from different backgrounds, united in their conviction that society must change. Revolted by the political situation in those troubled 1970s, they decide to mount a spectacular action to expose the complicity of Swiss banks in the crimes of a heinous South-American dictatorship. Vehicles, weapons, safe houses: "Operation Libertad" is prepared carefully. In a shrewd move, a member of the group is equipped with a portable camera; he will film the operation as it unfolds, producing material that will boost its impact in the mass media. When the day arrives, everything goes exactly as planned -- till hitting a snag. The first in a series of disconcerting hitches that throw the group increasingly off balance...

Actors: Laurent Capelluto, Stipe Erceg, Antonio Buíl, Jonathan Genet, Karine Guignard, Natacha Koutchoumov
Francie/Švýcarsko, 2012, 92 min.,
FR, Sub. CZ

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