DIRECTOR David Ondříček
SCRIPT Petr Zelenka

Seven young people live through experiences over the course of several days that radically change their future lives. Petr, a DJ at a small Prague radio station, breaks up with Hanka, his girlfriend of two years. A neurotic Doctor named Ondřej wants Hanka for himself and has already been hounding her rather obtrusively for a long time. Ondřej’s wife Lenka, however, refuses to admit that the father of her children could possibly betray their neat little life. Vesna, a fragile Macedonian bartender searching for her father, becomes involved in the fate of the two couples, as do a cynical manipulator named Robert, and Jakub, a devoted pot smoker. In contrast to the fate of these lonely young people, the film presents Hanka’s settled parents and a group of Japanese tourists eager to get a glimpse of a ‘typical’ Czech family. . . . The filmmakers have chosen tragicomic situations in which to set the tale of these loners-in-a-crowd who feel helplessly torn by the vagaries of fate even while living economically comfortable lives.

Actors: Jitka Schneiderová, Saša Rašilov nejml., Labina Mitevska, Ivan Trojan, Jiří Macháček, Mikuláš Křen, Dana Sedláková, Hana Maciuchová
Česká republika, Slovinsko, 2000, 103 min.,
CZ, Sub. CZ

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