Little Duke

Little Duke

DIRECTOR Andy Bausch
SCRIPT Frank Feitler, Andy Bausch

An inheritance doesn’t necessarily mean the end of all worries. At least not for two elderly friends, both in their early sixties, who inherit the ‘Little Duke’ pub after the death of their adoptive father. The Irish pub in the idyllic lower town of Luxembourg’s wealthy metropolis is long past its prime, heavily in debt and in need of refurbishment, but fits perfectly into the booty scheme of the building developers who want to renovate the whole area.

So what should we do? Start again at retirement age, revitalise the pub or give in to pressure from speculators?

The difficult but astute journey of two old men, one a realist and the other an incorrigible optimist, through the world of the rich and powerful.

A feel good movie with a social message in the footsteps of Ken Loach by Luxembourg veteran director Andy Bausch, featuring the two top male actors from the Grand Duchy, André Jung and Luc Feit who will be present at the screening for a Q&A after the projection.

Actors: André Jung, Luc Feit, Valérie Bodson, Nickel Bösenberg, Larisa Faber, Claire Johnston, Anouk Wagener, Serge Wolf, Steve Karier, Christian Kmiotek, Sascha Ley, Marco Lorenzini, Christiane Rausch
Lucembursko, 2023, 100 min.,
LUC, Sub. CZ, EN

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