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In the FAMU Four program, you will get acquainted with the work of exceptionally talented creators who represent the future of Czech cinema. The fourth edition of the FAMU project in the cinema once again demonstrates how our cinematography is presented at the most renowned international film festivals. These works not only connect international successes but also explore themes waiting to be discovered. The animated film "Deniska Would Die" was screened at the Berlinale festival, where it received Special Recognition. It tells the story of a boy who is devastated by the loss of his pet, only to discover that his dog, Deniska, hasn't actually left him. "The Eighth Day," which premiered at the Cannes festival, follows a determined girl who decides to escape from a religious cult. This intimate drama sensitively portrays the dilemmas and obstacles the heroine faces. Representing the increasingly popular form of animated documentary is the emotional piece "Through Shards." It is based on the true story of a woman who survived a sexual assault. Oscar-nominated author Daria Kashcheeva presents a wild descent into the subconscious with "Electra." The film, also screened at Cannes, offers a dreamy and modern interpretation of the ancient myth.

Actors: Caroline Barnard, Jan Pokorný, Jan Teplý ml., Kristýna Badinková Nováková, Pavla Janiššová, Zuzana Částková, Zuzana Stivínová, Robert Jašków
Česko, 2023, 60 min.,
CZ, EN, Sub. CZ, EN

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