Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood

Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood

DIRECTOR Daniele Vicari
SCRIPT Daniele Vicari, Laura Paolucci

The G8 summit was drawing to a close and, at the Diaz Pascoli School in Genoa which had been set up as a social forum for journalists, the young people were in good spirits – in spite of the violent clashes with the police that had occurred during the previous days. As had been the case in other countries during the same year, here too the anti-globalisation protests had been met with heavy police presence. Yet nothing was to prepare the temporary inhabitants of the Diaz school – most of them young men and women from all over Europe – for what was to happen. Shortly after midnight, the police stormed the school and brutally attacked these young people for two hours until almost all of them ended up in hospital and were later taken to a detention centre. To justify their actions, the police planted Molotov cocktails in the building. By the end of the G8 summit, one individual had lost their life. Told from different perspectives, the camera describes the events of this day, sticking close to the heels of both perpetrators and targets, until the whole bloody truth is told. The Berlinale’s Panorama section is also screening another documentary on this topic, entitled THE SUMMIT.

Actors: Claudio Santamaria, Jennifer Ulrich, Elio Germano, Davide Iacopini, Ralph Amoussou
Francie,, Itálie, Rumunsko, 2012, 127 min.,
FR, Sub. CZ

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