Chandigarh – The Power of Utopia

Chandigarh – The Power of Utopia

DIRECTOR Karin Bucher, Thomas Karrer
SCRIPT Karin Bucher, Thomas Karrer

With the construction of the Indian city of Chandigarh, architect Le Corbusier completed his life’s work. One of the most comprehensive ensembles of modern architecture was completely built between the 1950’ and 1960’. The original plan was based on the design of the human body, with government buildings in the head area, universities and industry forming the hands, the heart embodying the city center, and the lungs being the vast green space. The film follows, 70 years on, the current inhabitants of the city as they evaluate this utopian project. They confirm its qualities and dispel the misconceptions arising from the cultural differences of its European visionary.

Švýcarsko, 2023, 84 min.,
EN, Sub. CZ

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