DIRECTOR Bogna Kowalczyk
SCRIPT Bogna Kowalczyk

He is already flirting with death, but still looking for the love of life - the queer performer Lulla La Polaca has turned 80 and still wants to dance, play and love. But the youthful soul is resisted by a weakening, aging body. What is it like to want what you can't keep up with? Missing love, having so little time to fulfill it? A stranger in a tribe of retirees and thriving among the young, but always leaving him behind; Lulla doesn't belong anywhere. Suspended between the memory of the old and the hope for a new relationship; from loneliness in the world of fantasy. The protagonist of the film does not fit any roles and generational deals: he goes to funeral homes and parades of equality; at dances and in gay clubs. The oldest Polish drag queen moves gracefully in a world that adores youth, and "Boylesque" captures the sensitive points of her biography.

Polsko, Německo, 2022, 71 min.,
PL, Sub. CZ

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