Behind the Scenes: Untangling the European Film Market

Behind the Scenes: Untangling the European Film Market

DIRECTOR Edison Filmhub

Let's talk film!
How does a film end up on the big screen? Who chooses the films you get to see in the cinemas? What makes a good film? What's the financial process behind film distribution? Are film festivals the most important starting point to get your film to the right audiences? How does cinema participate in co-creating the European public sphere? Do cinemas have an agenda?

In the contemporary film market, it is easy to lose sight of all the factors that make you end up at the cinema watching the latest indie film. The medium of film constantly evolves. So do our possibilities to watch them. Together, we want to untangle the European film market and get a better understanding of the journey of a film. Films are part of our public debates. They create cultural representations of a region unknown to the viewer and tell us new stories. They introduce a new world to us that we would not have encountered otherwise. But what are its limits?

On the 16th of April, you will have the unique opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes of film distribution and cinema program curating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Join our public discussion with Dominik Hronec, the creative director of the distribution company Film Europe and of the cinemas Edison Filmhub in Prague, Kino Film Europe, and Edison in Bratislava. Organizing various range of festivals, such as Be2Can (overview of films from Berlinale, Venice and Cannes), Scandi (overview of contemporary films from Scandinavia), or Al Qamar, a festival dedicated to Middle Eastern contemporary scene, the organizations present a special place on the Czech and Slovak cultural landscape.

We invite you to join this evening’s discussion in the Edison Filmhub in the centre of Prague. This is your chance to learn more about the making of cinema and to ask all your questions. We are looking forward to spending this thought-provoking evening with you.

The discussion will be held in English and is free to attend.

Česko, 2024, 00 min.,

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