Be Equal! — blok krátkých filmů

Be Equal! — blok krátkých filmů


Walla Walla (2022)
Director: Hayley Durelle
Runtime: 26 min
Country of Origin: United States
Synopsis: On a road trip that’s equal parts adventure and chore, two resourceful young adults drive 400 miles from their town in rural Idaho in pursuit of an abortion out of state. Low on cash and fueled by friendship, they make the long trek up I-84 in a beloved but unreliable 25-year-old car.
Starring: Sammy Rat Rios, Afomia Hailemeskel

Road Blocked Ahead (2022)
Director: Akanksha
Runtime: 31 min
Country of Origin: India
Synopsis: On her way to a Saputara fort for an ad film shoot, a city girl who is a professional cinematographer, Ayesha, meets a local student, Meera, returning to her home from her college. Ayesha’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, where she meets Meera, who helps her and gives her company till the time Ayesha’s car gets fixed. This time that they spend together and the long conversations they have, they built a surprising connection. As the day progresses, their bond and the circumstances that they are in makes separating in the evening a difficult yet necessary choice.
Starring: Moose Jattana, Ishita Meena

She's The Protagonist (2021)
Director: Sarah Carlot Jaber
Runtime: 14 min
Country of Origin: Belgium
Synopsis: The Protagonist, by her given name, is presented to us in her natural environment: a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density. But today enough is enough! Being the mother, the secretary, the lover, the nanny, the baby bottle, the side piece of the main male character is no longer enough for our dear Protagonist ! Put on "mute" after the allocated time for female* characters in a film was reached, she runs away with her friend Voice-Over for a new journey with plenty of humor.
Starring: Salomé Richard, Bwanga Pilipili, Magali Pinglaut, Ji Su Jeong, Mélodie Valemberg, Douglas Grauwels, Gaël Maleux

Actors: Různí
USA, Indie, Belgie, 2022, 71 min.,
INT, Sub. CZ, EN

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