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A Horse on the Balcony

A Horse on the Balcony

DIRECTOR Hüseyin Tabak
SCRIPT Milan Dor

The boy Mika suffers from Asperger's and finds it difficult to communicate and make friends. Then he sees a real horse on his neighbour's balcony. He feeds the animal apples and starts making friends with it. The horse's owner owes money and the horse has to be hidden from his ruthless creditors. Dana, an Indian girl from Mika's school, shares his love for the horse, and they have various adventures through their efforts to save the horse from slaughter and the ruthless creditors of its owner. For the first time in his life Mika has a real friend.

Actors: Enzo Gaier, Nataša Paunović, Nora Tschirner, Andreas Kiendl
Rakousko, 2012, 93 min.,

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